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Bigg Boss 5 is the show's fifth season

Everyone in the house feels unhappy and gloomy because Salman Khan spoke to each competitor individually and showed them a mirror during elimination. The housemates say they won't do anything in the house after the grilling session except fully participate in the activities. Amar and Pooja Misrra continue their dismal mood by ranting about Juhi and her self-centeredness in the pink bed.

The next day opens with a fast-paced song called "Crazy Kiya Re," which none of the contestants appear to be singing. It'll be a relaxing morning at home today. Amar and Sky are seen making breakfast and debating Symonds in the kitchen. Sachin Tendulkar, Dravid, Kapil Dev, or Bhajji, according to Amar, would have aroused his attention if they were in the house.

Despite the fact that Symonds and Pooja Misrra were not contenders, but rather show visitors, they are quickly requested to lease the house. Sidharth finds time to chat with Symonds while Andrew is getting ready for Pooja Misrra. Symonds advises Sidharth to play the game sensibly from now on, act a little more maturely, and heed all of Salman's instructions. Pooja Misrra is told by Sunny and Amar that she should strut away this time with her head held high as she packs her possessions. When the two leave, Juhi begs Symonds to perform a reenactment of "Aati kya Khandala," which Andrew performs brilliantly this time, much to the satisfaction of all the contestants.

A poisonous atmosphere begins to pervade the house as the day progresses and eviction nominations are made. Amar and Sidharth are seen whining about Amar and the double games he's been playing, while Juhi, Sunny, and Sky are seen bitching about Amar and the double games he's been playing. Sky approaches Amar and inquires about the games she plans to play, to which Amar says that he is not here to make friends or develop relationships, but rather to play a game, which he is doing right now. He readily admits to playing games and is open about it.

Bigg Boss says at the end of the day that, because there are only 5 participants in the house, they will all sit together in the Pink Bed, with the Green Room remaining closed. Sky, Sunny, and Juhi appear to be upset, but Amar is pleased, as he sees this as a lesson for the trio, as they would never have had to leave their green room to attend.

Juhi, Sunny, and Sky are shown seated at the dining table, remembering how much fun they had in the Green room with Pooja Bedi and how they used to cuddle up in the quilt and talk for hours.

Sky's relationship with Amar is false and nothing more than a show for Sky, as Sidharth and Amar sat in the yard discussing. Sunshine, on the other hand, is seen being told by Sky that Amar and Sidharth are after her and that she must leave right away.

As the day draws to a close, Sunny and Juhi have a talk with the camera in which Sunny enacts kicking all the boys out of the house and surviving until the end of the program, arguing that women are just as capable as men and can win the competition. Read more about Bigg Boss 15 Online.

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